Where does the time go?

When I met Tram-Anh and her husband Charles for their Picture Me Paris couples anniversary photo session, I could barely believe my ears. Why? Because Tram-Anh told me they were celebrating their 15th wedding anniversary on that very day. I took one look at Tram-Anh and could not believe she’d been married 15 years, she looked so young, and so did Charles! It’s clear that this couple from the United States is one happy couple, it really showed in their face.

15 years ago on this date

I asked Tram-Anh and Charles about their wedding 15 years ago. What it had been like, how many people attended, and if it was the dream day they had wanted, and they said yes. It’s always so fun to hear about the experiences of others. It’s one of the things I like best about my job, learning about the couples I work with and getting to know them better. It was super special also that our Paris photo session was on the very same date they got married.

This kind and warm couple were perfectly coordinated in red outfits, which is a great color in Paris. Despite the fact we have some great parks and gardens in Paris, much of the landscape is concrete (think: architecture). So adding some color with an outfit is a great way to enhance a photo experience.

Our route

We started our Diamond photo session, which is two hours and in two Paris locations at the Eiffel Tower. But then we made our way to the magnificent Louvre courtyard. This setting is befitting an anniversary, as the kings and queens of France used to live here, and you should be a king and queen on your anniversary!

I love this time of year, as the fountains are going, and there is water in the reflecting pool. I don’t think visitors realize how rare this is, the pools are only filled for a few short months before they are drained for the season, so the water features are an extra special touch. You may also find a beautiful mallard duck swimming in the reflecting pools.

The Louvre is massive, and in the past, I’d stay in the forecourt, where the famous pyramid, designed by world famous Chinese American architect I.M Pei (who is 101 years old) is. But now I’ve also started to go to the back courtyard, which is really charming and regal with its cobblestones.

I love the benches back here, as well as the colorful doors and sculptures, and you can also get a peek of the Louvre collection through the windows. It’s history right at your feet.

It was pretty sunny, so Tram-Anh and Charles donned their sunglasses for part of their session. 

It was so lovely to meet this couple, and share in this special moment of an anniversary.

There’s no better way to commemorate an anniversary than in the city of love. Plan your own right here. 

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