Mother’s Day

Mothers’ Day in the United States is just around the corner, and in France, it’s at the end of the month. Our relationship with our mothers is our first relationship in life, and one of the most important. Sometimes it can be complicated, especially with mothers and daughters. Daughters try to assert their independence from their mothers as teenagers, but at some point, when we get older, possibly get married and start our own families, we have so much more respect for our mothers and their sacrifices for us. Mothers are precious and motherhood is often a thankless job, a job that never ends, can be fraught with worry and disappointment.

I often wonder if my own mother is proud of me, if I’ve failed her, if I’ve lived up to the expectations she had of me as I was growing up. I know she doesn’t always agree with me, and we don’t always see eye-to-eye, but this is normal in life. We’re from the same family tree, but we’re not the same person. But, at the core, is love, and a mother’s love for her children is the strongest bond in the world.


On a beautiful day in May, I was fortunate to meet this dynamic mother and daughter, visiting from Chile, in South America. They were kind and beautiful, an inner and outer beauty. Clearly, it’s easy to see their beauty from the outside, but the beauty in their hearts emanated into their photographs.

Natalie and her mother Ivonne were visiting Paris together, enjoying all the sights of the city, and wanted to have a photo shoot at the Eiffel Tower to commemorate their time in Paris. What better place in Paris for a mother and daughter photo shoot?

Think pink

Natalie stole my heart when I saw her dressed in polka dots, I love polka dots and my closet is filled with polka dot clothes. I’ve been a polka dot fan for years. Natalie paired her black and white polka dot dress with a pink sweater. Ivonne wore a black top with a bright pink skirt and she looked like a million bucks. Photographed both separately and together, they were a stunning pair. They were filled with love and light.

I took them to my favorite spots at Trocadero, we enjoyed the mild and sunny morning, and I felt so happy to have met them and capture their special time together in Paris!

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