A sophisticated, classy family photo session at the Eiffel Tower

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Family Time in Paris

I love this time of year, because it's when I have the opportunity to work with wonderful families, who are here now on vacation. During the winter, there are not many families visiting Paris as the children are in school. But come May, there is a wonderful stream of families visiting Paris and I have the good fortune to work with many of them.

Such as this family! Jessica and her husband Dan were in Europe on a business trip, and were traveling around Europe. Later, they were joined by their wonderful daughters and Jessica's mother for a fun vacation in Paris. 

Jessica contacted me to book a session at the Eiffel Tower. Most families prefer to be photographed at the Eiffel Tower, so my service offering focuses on it, however, I'd be happy to photograph your family anywhere in Paris. 

Stunning looking family

This was one good looking family! Let's start with Jessica. Her black dress was classic, yet fun, with its detailed sleeves. She looked like a million bucks. So did her husband, Dan. When I put my eye to the viewfinder on my camera, and zoomed in on his eyes, I was stunned. I have never seen bluer or more gorgeous eyes. They just sparkled, and of course, he looked handsome and professional in his suit.

So, you have elegant mom, sharp dressed dad, now what about the kids? If I'm to be honest, and I'm always honest, the reality is some kids just don't like having their picture taken. In the age of selfies, Instagram, Facebook etc, you'd think this wouldn't be the case, but I've worked with a lot of families where the kids--pre-teens and teenagers mostly (and of course toddlers sometimes) really aren't that thrilled with the whole idea.

I can totally relate. When I was 13, I really didn't want anything to do with family activities, I preferred to be in my room listening to music and writing. Therefore, I'm always impressed when I meet a family like this, because their daughters were absolutely lovely!

They were kind and friendly and fun, and most importantly, they were able to go with the flow, and had some really amazing ideas for photos.

Clients have the best ideas

I shoot at Trocadero, near the Eiffel Tower, nearly every day. It's the most popular spot for photography in Paris. I think I know every staircase, every wall, every slab of concrete and every angle, but I'm always finding more spots, believe it or not and often my clients will have great ideas too. 

In this case, one of the young women asked if we could do a Kardashian-style look, or as it's also commonly known Vogue style. The Kardashian family popularized this look some years' ago with their Christmas card, and it was actually really fun to recreate. It's not a formation I'd normally suggest for a family, but this family was up for it and this is what I love--the creativity that comes from collaboration. 

So much fun with this family

I know I've said it already, but I really did have so much fun with this family. They were kind, chatty (I love this!) and super friendly. They were up for anything, and were determined to make the best of their photo session, which they absolutely did. I do hope they enjoyed their session as much as I enjoyed photographing them, and I can only hope that the next time they're in Paris they contact me again so I have the pleasure of photographing them once more.

If you're interested in a family photo session in Paris at the Eiffel Tower, or another location, check out the family page of my web site for more details. See you in Paris!


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