A rainy romance in Paris

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The rain in Paris…

It was a doozy of a morning, the rain was coming down in sheets. I met Thuy and Jason at Trocadero, and I felt horribly. Yes, I conduct all Paris photo sessions even in the rain, but this was just too much.

Why do I photograph in the rain?

Most Paris photographers cancel sessions if it’s raining. I do not. For several reasons. First of all, especially in the autumn and winter, it rains all the time. Sometimes daily. Not always heavy showers, but light showers, and it can get chilly. Of course, I’d prefer a dry, sunny day, or even a dry, cloudy day. But we don’t always get what we want, and when in Paris…except in summer, you should always expect rain.

I decided to embrace the rain. How can I photograph people beautifully, even in the rain? Thuy and Jason were so smart, because not only did they bring an umbrella, but they brought a clear umbrella. All the way from Texas, where they live.

Not only were they covered from the rain, but the clear umbrella allowed us to see the Eiffel Tower from behind.

One of the side benefits of photographing in the rain is the emptiness of popular spots. We had Trocadero all to ourselves, and guess what? By the time we got there, the rain had quit.

Bir Hakeim Bridge is a great Plan B

I met Thuy and Jason at Trocadero, which has an amazing overall view of the Eiffel Tower. However, it was raining buckets and this was just not practical. I suggested we take the metro one stop to Passy, and photograph on the bridge of Bir Hakeim. Bir Hakeim bridge is beautiful, and provides a little bit of cover from the rain.

But, strike two! There was a film crew there this day and they closed the covered part of the bridge! It was turning out to be pretty challenging!

That said, Thuy and Jason were great sports! They used their umbrella and we got some great shots on the bridge. When we finished, we took the metro back to Trocadero, and the rain had stopped.

Trocadero, a ghost town

On any given day you can find up to twenty or more photographers photographing clients at Trocadero. Today? None, just me! The rain had stopped and we had a great time. This couple was so happy and fun, and I could tell, happy to be here, at one of the world’s most romantic spots. They were extremely kind and understanding of the weather and the little challenges we had, and I’m so happy to have hat the opportunity to capture their time in this beautiful town!

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