A place where fairytales come true

Think back to your very first memory of Paris. Was it in a Disney movie? A book? A fairytale your parents read to you? Why does Paris have this fairytale image? Is it real? Is it really that romantic? 

I have to say, yes, it really is. Paris is a fairytale town. Yes, it’s a city with all the things that go on in cities, like lots of traffic, noise and so forth. But there’s also something very magical about it, especially at the Eiffel Tower. And especially in a gorgeous, long ball gown.

A ball gown like no other

When’s the last time you wore a ball gown? Me neither. However, I’m a sucker for dresses. I love them. When my clients Adam and Iman arrived, fresh from the United States, I jumped with inner glee when I saw Iman’s gown. In one of my favorite colors, a mauve/pink, she looked seriously like royalty. Move over Kate, move over Meghan, Iman has arrived and she’s gorgeous.

Not to be outdone, prince Adam, Iman’s husband, was dressed in a perfectly paired black tux. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a couple so elegant, and lucky me, I was fortunate enough to meet and photograph them at the Eiffel Tower!

What did we do?

It’s not easy to walk in a long ball gown, but Iman did it with finesse and grace. We photographed at all of my favorite spots at Trocadero, which has a sweeping view of the Eiffel Tower. Here, as you can see below, I capture couples close-up and from afar. This allows me to capture couples with the entire Eiffel Tower in the image, but also some really dreamy, fairytale-like images that show the tenderness and emotion between a couple

The carousel

One of my favorite things at Trocadero is the Belle Epoque carousel, dating to the 1900s. It’s a family favorite and also gorgeous for photo shoots. I had Adam and Iman pose in front of it and embrace it, all the while trying to capture the motion behind them. It was a beautiful moment, frozen in time. 

A dream shoot 

This Paris couples photography photo shoot was really like a dream, I could have photographed them all day long. Stylish, ridiculously elegant, and super nice, they were a photographer’s dream! My sincere thanks to them for choosing me to photograph their love story in Paris!

If you’re a couple who would like to capture your love story at the Eiffel Tower or any other of the magical, fairytale locations in Paris, click here, Want to book your own romantic Paris photo session? Click here!

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