A perfect pair from Chicago Paris couples photo session

Eiffel Tower

A perfect pair from Chicago Paris couples photo session

A perfect pair from Chicago Paris couples photo session. I met Lauren and Scott at the Trocadero area of the Eiffel Tower, just before the big Fête Nationale, which is better known to most of us as “Bastille Day”. During this national day of celebration in France, they have the most amazing fireworks display I’ve ever witnessed, and that’s saying a lot, as I come from the United States and we Americans know how to do fireworks!

The launching spot for the famous Paris fireworks over the Eiffel Tower is Trocadero, and of course, to keep everyone safe, most of the area was blocked. But no worries, because if you’re coming to Paris there’s no shortage of places to get some really amazing photos with the Eiffel Tower, and that’s exactly what we did!

Lauren and Scott got married last year in Chicago. Lauren was taking a well deserved vacation from her career as a wedding planner with her husband, and what better way to celebrate with your loved one than with a photo session at the Eiffel Tower? Nothing beats Paris for romance, and I say that with some conviction after being to some of the most romantic locations in the world (Positano, I’m talking about you).

I had an absolute blast with this couple. We shared lots of details about our lives and Paris, and also I shared that I’d run the Chicago Marathon seven times. Chicago is such a great city. Lauren looked effortlessly summery in her floral dress, and she had one accessory I was drooling over. Her handbag. I’d noticed these circular handbags showing up all around town and on my travels this summer, but I thought they looked too small to carry anything. I was delighted to hold Lauren’s handbag during our photo session and later in our photo session we even photographed her with it. It was so cute!

It’s working with couples like Lauren and Scott that really make my day. The opportunity to interact and have fun with wonderful couples visiting Paris is really what it’s all about!

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