A fun, flirty and rainy day Trocadero Eiffel Tower photo session

Eiffel Tower, Rainy Day

Rain rain go away

Unfortunately, even in spring and summer, Paris is famous for its rain. You simply cannot always avoid it. I used to get down about it, moving from sunny Los Angeles to gray Paris, but instead of getting grumpy about it (okay, I still do sometimes), I've decided as a photographer to embrace it.

Rainy days and Mondays always...get me down?

I was on the metro headed to Trocadero, the subway was packed to the gills with people, when my first clients of the day, Perri and Bryant, contacted me to tell me that they'd mixed up their days due to jet lag (hey, it happens) and that they would be late. I would have happily offered to switch the days, but unfortunately, I'm pretty booked this week. At this point, it wasn't raining yet and it looked like we'd be able to get our whole photo session in, without rain.

I was impressed that Perri said they would get ready and be on their way, this was lightning fast!

I waited at the little brown sandwich shop, under the little roof, trying to keep dry, as the rain was now coming down in sheets. But true to their word, this fun couple from the Bay Area of California arrived, with a clear umbrella in tow.

I love it when clients bring clear umbrellas, they help shield from the rain, of course, but you can also see everything, it doesn't obscure the photos at all, so this was the second point about this couple that impressed me.

A fun and up-for-anything couple

I'm fortunate in that most couples I work with are easygoing and fun, but Perri and Bryant took it to a new level. How Perri was able to get dressed so quickly in this cute-as-can-be vintage style dress and heels, was beyond me. But she worked it, and the chemistry between she and Bryant was natural and effortless. They were also up for anything, even in the rain, and didn't complain one bit, they were super nice!

The moves of a dancer

It wasn't long before it became very obvious that Perri was a dancer, she had long lines and the poses she put her body into were elegant in the way she interacted with Bryant. She confirmed that indeed, she was a dancer and had danced ballet. She was confident and graceful, and even in the rain, I was so impressed with the beautiful interaction between this couple.

The rain at Trocadero, a hidden benefit

I'm not going to lie and say photographing in the rain is just oh-so-fun. It does have several benefits over sunny weather, though. First off, you're not squinting in the sunshine, which can be a real problem. Second, on super rainy days like this, everyone stays home. I think I'm one of the few Paris photographers that goes out in the rain, if a client is up for it, I'm up for it. I've gotten some great shots in the rain, and while it can be challenging for anything over an hour, an hour is certainly doable. The relative calm at Trocadero, nary a soul there, was a fantastic feeling in a city that sees an average of 25,000 people visit its most famous monument, the Eiffel Tower.

So, what do you do if it rains in Paris while you're here? Grab a coffee and croissant, enjoy cafe life. Head to one of the over 200 museums in Paris and get cultured. Oh, and set aside an hour to have some gorgeous, rainy, typically Parisian couples photos to immortalize your visit!

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