An amazing surprise proposal

Drew proposed to his love, Amy, at the Passarelle Debilly. This is a pedestrian walkway with an incredible view of the Eiffel Tower. She said yes! And then we celebrated!

Hailing from Canada, this dynamic pair, who work in real estate have something really special. It was really obvious when I photographed them, and I took to Amy like she was my long-lost sister. She has a very special aura about her and I can see why Drew loves her so much.

Drew is the strong, silent type, but the more we got to know each other, the more amazing our chats became, and I so enjoyed spending time and meeting this awesome couple.

A Paris engagement shoot

Drew and Amy decided that they’d also like to commemorate their engagement in Paris with a photo shoot at the Eiffel Tower. Even though Drew and Amy had just arrived from Canada for their surprise proposal, I thought they both looked really good. But for their engagement session they really turned up the heat. Drew looked amazing in his suit and Amy so pretty in her dress and heels.

I was thrilled to take them to my favorite locations for Eiffel Tower views, and capture them young and in love, in memories I hope they’ll cherish forever and pass down to future generations. There is no better place to do engagement photography than in Paris, I’m certain of that.

My heartfelt thanks

I love Canadians. Okay, I love everybody. But I especially love Canadians. Maybe it’s because I grew up in Minnesota, so close to Canada that I feel an affinity with the country. I find the people so warm, so friendly, and so fun. Drew and Amy were all of those, and anyone invited to their wedding is going to have an amazing time!

Thank you Drew for selecting me for your surprise proposal, and Amy, thanks for being so fun and vivacious, even when your photo shoot was a secret (the proposal at least). It was wonderful meeting you both and I wish you oodles of happiness!

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