A colorful and fun balloon Quinceañera photo session in Paris

November 16, 2019

A colorful and fun balloon Quinceañera photo session in Paris

A colorful and fun balloon Quinceañera photo session in Paris. As a professional photographer in Paris, I work mostly with couples, capturing engagements, honeymoons, anniversaries, and of course, surprise proposals, weddings, elopements and vow renewals. I love it all, but one particular type of Paris photo session gives me a lot of joy and that’s the Quinceañera. I first started photographing Quinceañera in Paris a few years’ ago. I’ve worked with clients from Florida and New York mostly, but all around the United States as these young women, turning 15 (or sometimes already 17 but doing a later Quinceañera photo session in Paris). From the very outset, I adored Quinceañera photo sessions in Paris.

Not just because it was so fun to photograph energetic and dynamic young ladies in Paris. Yes, there’s that. I also admit I just love fashion, and seeing the creativity of these young ladies’ outfits that match their personalities and all the time and thought put into it, it’s a joy to photograph them in such a joyful state. Most young ladies for their Quinceañera photos session in Paris have done a lot of planning with their families, on their outfits and their theme, incorporating their hobbies and passions, like reading, dance or music. I enjoy the creative aspects of it and photographing them against the beauty of Paris landmarks like the Eiffel Tower.

But as much as I love the creative process and working with the young women, I love even more meeting the families, especially the moms, and getting to know them better. Moms are amazing people and I so enjoy chatting with families and sharing a bit of Paris with them. I always come away feeling like I’ve met new friends and I hope I’ve given their families a wonderful souvenir to treasure.

This Quinceañera photo session in Paris took place at the Eiffel Tower. It wasn’t a traditional Quinceañera session, with a formal gown, but instead Ashlee wore a super cute and colorful blue tulle skirt and very French top, along with a black beret, which she loved, and super cute sneakers. Ashlee had so much energy and zest for life, I learned she was a dancer and she put her dance training to great use with some of the best leaps I’ve ever seen! She was so elegant and her main prop for her Quinceañera photo session was a huge bouquet of balloons. They’re not easy to hold on to, especially in the wind, but she did a great job.

Joining Ashlee for some of her Quinceañera photos was her sister Sophie, who was dressed in the same sneakers, a black tulle skirt, the same top as Ashlee and she was just adorable. There was some serious sisterly love going on here, and I adored capturing that bond. I photographed Ashlee and Sophie all around the Eiffel Tower, and we finished in a cozy cafe, where the girls had yummy hot chocolate.

I was so happy to work with this fun and lively family creating epic Quinceañera photos in Paris. I hope they enjoyed this morning as much as I did!

If you or someone you know are coming to Paris and would love to have a Quinceañera photo session, please see more information on my Quinceañera page on my web site. I would love to work with you!