A cold but sunny December morning at the Eiffel Tower

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A very cold morning

Well, it is December, after all, I told myself. It’s supposed to be cold! As a former citizen of the great Frozen State of Minnesota, USA, you’d think I’d be used to it. But the ten years’ I lived in LA made me a softie. So this morning at least we had the sun, and I was so thankful for that, as it was so beautiful!

Shayri and Naman were a wonderful couple to meet! Wrapping up a European holiday, their very last stop was Paris and they love to be photographed in different cities they visit so that they can capture their memories. It’s really a great idea! We covered a lot of ground around the Eiffel Tower, and in just an hour for some epic views.

Where’s the people?

It was uncharacteristically quiet when I arrived just at sunrise. Sure, there were the typical vendors, a few photographers, and of course some tourists, but due to the cold morning, way less people than usual, which was absolutely perfect. There’s something amazing about having the place to yourself (or if it feels like it’s to yourself).

When I stopped off the metro and came around the corner at Trocadero, I saw that gorgeous ball of fire coming up and it made me so happy. The sun bathed the Eiffel Tower in a golden light that was achingly beautiful.

Shayri and Naman were not deterred by the weather, they said that living in Washington, DC, they’re used to colder weather. They were dressed just perfectly too, both in warm outfits but very stylish. Utilizing scarves and hats to add some color to the mix.

This couple is very natural together, and had such an easygoing flow, they were up for everything, and were in great spirits.

Crossing the Iena Bridge

I jokingly call the Eiffel Tower my “office” and it’s actually pretty much true. I’m at the Eiffel Tower nearly every day, but even after being there so often, I’m always looking for new spots to photograph, new angles, and variety. It’s often seasonal. In the spring, I’m chasing the spring blooms. In the fall, I’m tossing leaves in the air. In the summer, of course the colorful flower planters and in the winter—well it’s a bit bare in the winter except for the flocked Christmas trees they put up to the carousel.

I was in HEAVEN and asked Shayri and Naman if they minded posing there, and they happily obliged. It was so fun trying different angles for a real wintery effect.

Later, we went to the river side and then crossed over the Iena Bridge to the other side and the other carousel.

It was so much fun! And that’s what life is about right, fun and perfect memories!

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