A belated Quinceañeara


Never too late for Quinceañeara!

I just had another Quinceañeara in Paris session, and as usual, it was magical. Karla is from south Florida, and she’s past the age of Quinceañeara. However, she told me she’d never had an actual Quinceañeara, so being that she and her mother and friends were visiting Paris all together, what better place to do a belated Quinceañeara photo shoot than at the Eiffel Tower?

Most of my Quinceañeara clients prefer to have a photo shoot of several hours all over the city, but Karla was hopping a plane to Venice, so the Eiffel Tower, in just over an hour, was perfect.

Pretty in pink

Karla’s dress was elegant, youthful, and colorful. The perfect splash of color on a gray and misty morning. In fact, when we first met at the Eiffel Tower, the clouds were so low that you couldn’t even see much of it. The fog did lift a bit later, but personally, I find the foggy Eiffel Tower to be a bit mystical and magical. Although I understand my clients might not share that sentiment!

Being that it’s now spring, we mixed up our photos with traditional and magnificent Eiffel Tower views, but also spent some time in the nearby gardens, where my favorite pink tree is currently in bloom. Spring is such a wonderful time of year!

Karla is a doll, friendly, chatty and up for anything. She made my work so incredibly simple and so fun. Her mother was also a delight, and it was so nice to meet her and work as a team on creating some gorgeous photo art I hope Karla will treasure forever.

If you’re interested in Quinceañeara in Paris, don’t hesitate to reach out at contact@picturemeparis.com. Honestly, Quinceañeara is becoming one my favorite genres to shoot and I welcome all young ladies and their families coming to Paris!

Muchas gracias!


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