A baby on the way maternity photo session at the Eiffel Tower

May 28, 2019

A baby on the way maternity photo session at the Eiffel Tower

A baby on the way maternity photo session at the Eiffel Tower. There is nothing more exciting than expecting your first baby and being in love in Paris with your spouse. I met this truly dynamic couple, Nicolas and Tiz at the Eiffel Tower, under rather strange weather. Tiz was dressed just beautifully in a black dress with a bit of ruffle detail and some amazing heels. She looked so elegant and pretty and not at all like she’s five months’ pregnant!

Nicolas was handsome in his sport coat and together, along with the background of the Eiffel Tower, well let’s just say they helped me create some amazing images! Nicolas and Tiz live in Austin, Texas. Austin seems to be the hip and happening place to be in Texas, so naturally I asked about the city and they both said they really liked Austin. Tiz is a web designer and graphic artist and Nicolas is a software developer and builds apps. Power couple! At the very beginning of our Eiffel Tower photo session, it was chilly and windy, but the sun looked like it might peek out.

I took them to my favorite spots around Trocadero, and just as we were getting ready to photograph them on the grand staircase, it started coming down–sheets of rain. Now where did this come from? Paris has some crazy weather. All the day long, the sun would shine brightly, then a big rainshower would move in, and then pass on, and it went on all day.

During the rainy portion of this Paris maternity session, we hovered under the Theater of Dance. This wonderful dance theater is located in the Trocadero complex, itself an Art Deco themed building. As we were waiting out the storm, I photographed Nicolas and Tiz against the Art Deco background, and then loaned them my umbrella for what I think was an absolutely magical shot in the rain.

Honestly, the truth about rain in Paris is this. It rains all the time. You really can’t avoid it. You may leave your hotel in the morning under sunny skies, but hit passing showers as you go about your day. This is less common in summer, very common in autumn and winter. I’ve learned to love the rain, and the best part about it is that people scatter during the rain, leaving the place to yourself. All you need is an umbrella and a good attitude. Which this couple had in spades!

Finally, the rain broke for a bit and we were able to get to the fountains, my favorite part of Trocadero in spring. They’re just beautiful!

Despite the rain, I had a great time with Nicolas and Tiz, and I’m so excited for them and their new baby, who will arrive this autumn. Their baby has already visited Paris, how many babies can say that? And they have the photos to prove it!

Are you having a baby and coming to Paris? We can plan a super cute and memorable photo session for you! Just contact me here.


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