5 reasons why you should get married in Positano

February 6, 2020

5 reasons why you should get married in Positano

There are some places in the world you see in photographs and you can’t imagine the place is really that beautiful. There is one such town on the Amalfi Coast of Italy that inspires everyone who sees it. It’s called Positano. Nestled on the hillside of the Amalfi Coast, a gorgeous 31-mile stretch of the coastline in western Italy, Positano inspires artists and lovers and has for years. You may have even seen Positano on the big screen. In 2003 a movie was filmed here with Diane Lane, called Under the Tuscan Sun. In this movie, Diane Lane’s character meets a dashing young man who lives in Positano and he invites her to join him and his friends for a delicious limoncello and later, she even finds a kitten on the beach. You’ll have to watch the film to see the rest, but it showcases the beauty of Positano in amazing ways. This movie was based on a famous book by Frances Mayes, by the way, that’s also inspiring. Because Positano is such a dreamy, colorful and romantic place, it’s an absolute fantasy to get married here, or even to be photographed on your honeymoon. I love photographing Positano and have been many times. Being that I live in Paris, it’s a short flight to paradise! Here are five reasons (there are so many more) why getting married in Positano is a fantastic idea.

REASON #1 why getting married in Positano, Italy is a fantastic idea

The scenery. It goes without saying that an Italian wedding destination like Positano should be pretty, you’re getting married, it’s such a romantic and special time in your lives. But saying Positano is pretty is like saying Tiffany makes nice diamond rings. Positano is drop dead gorgeous. Not only is it scenic at every turn, from the deep almost green seas to the colorful buildings that cling to the sides of the hill, but it really does almost feel like it can’t be real, and is probably one of the most amazing places to get married and also for wedding photography in Italy. You simply cannot find a spot that isn’t drop dead beautiful. The beach, while somewhat small, is also a treat. While away a few hours on a beach lounger and watch the world go by.

REASON #2 why getting married in Positano, Italy is a fantastic idea

The food. Italy is famous worldwide for its cuisine, and Positano, despite the fact it’s a small town on the Amalfi Coast, boasts some very fine dining with wonderful views of the sea. Restaurants like Adamo ed Eva by Eden Roc serve Italian specialties as well as fresh seafood with views to die for. There are special treats in Positano too, like Zass Restaurant, high up on a hill and fantastic for fine dining and special occasions, like a wedding. If you like to eat, there’s a bit of something for everyone in Positano! But wait, not only is the food spectacular, but you’ll want to try the famous liquer from this region too, limoncello. Limoncello is delicious as an after-dinner drink, made from lemons, water, alcohol and sugar.

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REASON #3 why getting married in Positano, Italy is a fantastic idea

It’s easy to get to and fun! Sure, it’s a windy road to Positano, driving down from Naples or Sorrento, driving is not for the faint of heart, but the coastline is so stunning, your mouth will be open the entire time. Don’t like driving? Hire a private driver to transport you, and there’s also a great ferry service from Sorrento. As they say, getting there is half the fun, and you’ll be so excited for your wedding by the time you get to Positano that you’ll surely agree with this statement! Not only is it easy and enjoyable to get to Positano along the Amalfi coast, once you’re there there are tons of things to see and do. Nearby to Positano are the towns of Ravello and Amalfi, amongst others. Sightseeing in these towns will make your honeymoon super special.

REASON #4 why getting married in Positano, Italy is a fantastic idea

Beautiful places to stay. Positano has so many wonderful places to stay, imagine spending your wedding day in a beautiful hotel with a view like Hotel California. This hotel is used to be a palazzo called the Palazzo Bruno, which was formerly the residence of a noble family from Napoli. The hotel retains its original design, which dates back to 1777. You can’t believe how beautiful breakfast is on the terrace, with a view to the seas. Another wonderful place to stay in Positano is Le Sirenuse, which has spectacular views of Positano and the Amalfi Coast. Not only that, it’s charming and family run, dating back to 1951. You’ll feel so at home here.

REASON #5 why getting married in Positano, Italy is a fantastic idea

The Italian people. The Italian people, especially in Positano are kind, warm and charming. You’ll feel like home here, like family, and it’s a memory you’ll treasure forever.

I’ve been photographing Positano and the Amalfi Coast for a long time. It’s one of my very favorite places in the world. It always makes me feel wonderful, happy, and joyful and photographing a Positano wedding or elopement is just the icing on the cake. I love creating memories that couples will cherish forever.

If you’re getting married, eloping or honeymooning in Positano, contact me below and let’s connect, I’d love to work with you! Please contact me here.

getting married in positano italy