A little rain could not stop this sweet Trocadero surprise proposal

November 10, 2018

Rainy morning at Trocadero

A little rain could not stop this sweet and touching surprise proposal. Ricardo and his girlfriend live in Toronto. They’ve been dating for several years, and love to travel together. Nikki loves Paris. Ricardo loves Nikki, so what better place to propose than at the Eiffel Tower in Paris?

Ricardo chose Trocadero as his preferred spot, but he understood that the morning was best at this location due to all the tourists who descend on Trocadero, starting around 9 or 10 am. He would take Nikki on a romantic walk to see the sunrise, and from there, he’d ask her to marry him.

Unfortunately, it was a rainy morning, and there was no sunrise to be seen. Instead, the couple went to Cafe Kleber, near Trocadero, for a breakfast. Then, they went to Trocadero to get a nice view of the Eiffel Tower.

Paris is better in the rain

The absolute beauty of Trocadero in the rain is the absence of people. On any given non-rainy day, you’ll have between 10-25 couples from all over the world having their photographs taken at Trocadero. On a rainy day? 0. That’s right, there were zero couples at Trocadero, zero photographers (except me) and just a passing couple with an umbrella every so often. We had the whole place to ourselves! The busiest place in Paris to view the Eiffel Tower, all to ourselves.

Ricardo was smart, and bought a clear umbrella. With an umbrella, especially a clear one, there’s nothing to stop anyone from a romantic, cozy surprise proposal in all seasons.

As Ricardo and Nikki approached where I was standing, I was impressed that he’d gotten Nikki to dress up. He told her they were going to a nice breakfast and that it was a good idea to dress up in Paris. He is 100% right.

Couples who dress a bit more formally in Paris (surprise proposals even) are likely to cherish their memories even more. Even in rainy weather, you can take it up a notch and it will make a huge difference.

Go time

Ricardo and Nikki took pictures on their cell phones of the Eiffel Tower, and then the magic moment happened. Ricardo faced Nikki, spoke his words, and got down on one knee. Nikki was filled with emotion, shocked and surprised, and she said “yes” very strongly! It was so sweet!

After I introduced myself, I asked about their love story. As it turns out, Ricardo had been invited by another friend to Nikki’s birthday party. They didn’t know each other, but the minute he saw her he thought about how pretty she was. He asked for her number that night and added her to Facebook. They kept in contact, hit it off, and have been together ever since.

“I’m the best birthday gift she ever received”, joked Ricardo. I’m sure Nikki agrees, especially when her boyfriend pops the question at the Eiffel Tower!

After the proposal, we did a short engagement session around the area. Have a look!

Many wonderful wishes to Ricardo and Nikki as they start the next chapter of their love story!