10 years in love and celebrating in Paris

Eiffel Tower

A couple deeply in love

I work with so many amazing couples, photographing them in Paris, most often at the Eiffel Tower. Sometimes couples are not so comfortable showing their love in public, and are more private. Other couples are really comfortable kissing in public or showing affection. I can tell no matter what, that these couples love each other deeply, it’s the sense you get from being a Paris photographer.

I had the good fortune to work with this amazing couple from Phoenix, Arizona recently. Cameron and Kristin have been married 10 years, and just celebrated their anniversary. They’re on a trip to Paris to celebrate, and their three adorable children are back home having fun with family while mom and dad have some alone time.

Cameron is a Doctor of Chiropractic and Kristin runs the household and is a graphic designer and marketing consultant. The instant I met them, I was welcomed with warm smiles. This day in November was one that I dread. Low hanging clouds, a little mist, and you could only see half of the Eiffel Tower. Many couples are dejected by this, as it just doesn’t live up to what they’ve seen online or in movies.

I completely understand.

Low hanging clouds

Unfortunately, I can’t control the weather, but I can control my attitude, and I chose to embrace it, and for two reasons. First, I think the Eiffel Tower looks dreamy and romantic in the fog/low clouds, and it’s much better than photographing couples in full-on sunlight. Second, for some reason, there was no one at the Eiffel Tower when we arrived. Sure, they came later, but we had the place to ourselves for about an hour! The staircases, the gardens—everything. I was skipping for joy!

I was also skipping for joy because while this pair from Phoenix was a bit chilly in the Paris cold, they were up for anything, and Kristin said she actually liked the way the Eiffel Tower looked, that it was really neat. This is my ideal client, one that is positive and rolls with what we’re given.

That said, you reading this may wonder, well, I don’t like that, what happens if it’s like this on my day? If you have time in your schedule, and I do too, we can reschedule for a time when the fog lifts the next day, for example. I only now photograph couples at the Eiffel Tower in the morning to provide the best experience (with the fewest tourists), so we’d have to select the next day or day after. Or, you can choose another beautiful location like the Louvre or Notre Dame. It’s totally up to you. Or, you can do like Cameron and Kristin did, embrace it for the beauty that it is and have fun.

This couple was so natural together, and you could see the love in their eyes. I asked them how they met, and they told me they were both camp counselors at a Christian camp. Kristin said the moment she saw Cameron she knew he was special and he felt the same about her.

If that isn’t love at first sight, I don’t know what is!

All around Trocadero and beauty by the Seine

We hit all of the hot spots at Trocadero, the main viewing spot for the Eiffel Tower. But being a lover of autumn leaves, I had to take them to the nearby garden to take in the golden leaves, before they’re gone for winter. They were so kind with me and as I looked through the frame, I couldn’t believe how beautiful they looked.

At the end, I decided to take Cameron and Kristin riverside, one of my favorite spots. Also, you could see the Eiffel Tower a bit better from the river side, despite the low clouds.

I’m also a lady who loves details. This couple’s outfit was so perfect, perfect for their personalities and perfect for the Eiffel Tower. Rarely do you see a guy wear a bow tie in such a fashionable way, and Kristin’s dress was such a gorgeous color.

Outfits aside, it was their beautiful souls that I appreciated most, and that came through in their images. Great people who love each other.

This is my job, to capture great people who love each other in Paris. How did I get so lucky?

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